Wednesday, December 26, 2007

In a Heartbeat

For the first official post to this blog I'm featuring my own Faery Rosette, In a Heartbeat, now available at The Wild Rose Press.

Excerpt for In a Heartbeat. [Sweetly Sensual Rating]

Today is only the second time I’ve ever exposed In a Heartbeat’s storyline. It’s meant to be a surprise—after all, it is a short Faery Rosette just released by The Wild Rose Press on December 19th.

The first unveiling aspect of the plotline— The story is told from Malik’s POV after a Bad Date Experience.

Here’s a tidbit within Malik’s mind. At this I’m cutting into a past-life memory recall …


. . . All flashed by with poignancy and revelation of other lifetimes. The curve of her warm breast through wet cloth incited more recollections.

Lustful laughter. Teasing fingers surrounding him, titillating pleasure to the furthest bounds of human existence. Music and magic guiding him through abundance and blissful existence.

Wet hair against his palms, the scent of tropical flowers surrounding her stopped the memories in one moment in time. Gentle breath across his cheek gave life to the past in present day.

Ocean waves kissed the shore with frothy exuberance. Sweet laughter added to nature’s melody. Locked within her loving glance, Malik smiled from his heart.

“We’ve always been and always will be, my love.”

“Aye,” she whispered, ducking her face in sudden secrecy.

“What is it?”

She gazed at the broad ocean spanning to the earth’s edge, watching the approaching storm with growing anxiety. “Always,” she whispered, raising a hand to manipulate a wave. “Will you remember that in your anger?”

“Anger?” He choked on the word as though the deep-sea swallowed him.

Gentle fingers caressed his jaw with tender sadness. Emotions welled within her soulful eyes, matching the turbulent rise in the storm’s velocity.

“You are my one true love.”

A fist wrapped his heart, squeezing and pausing its momentum.

A quick kiss. “Always,” she whispered fervently, spreading fingers across the pain welling in his chest. “Remember, always. It’s in a heartbeat. That’s where you will find me.”

Butterfly kisses mingled with the frenzy of the storm engulfing him. Torrential rain beat him to the essence of his soul.

Palpable rage erupted. He fell to his knees, soaked by heaven’s tears and powerful ocean waves, roaring his desolate heartbreak. “No!”


Had to stop somewhere out there in the Florida tempest. ;o)

w/a Aithne Jarretta
In a Heartbeat, Faery Rosette

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The Wild Rose Press

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