Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Perfect Candidate

The Perfect Candidate

by Tricia Ballad


Caroline Lakehurst lept at the chance to manage her own project team at ACG Marketing. Now she’s wondering if instead she jumped into an endless cycle of long hours and deadlines that threaten her growing relationship with Joshua Walters.She has one last interview on Friday afternoon before their date. Caroline hopes to heal the cracks she sees forming in their relationship, before it’s too late - but Joshua has other plans...

Can Caroline save her relationship before it's too late?



Caroline went into her office and closed the door. What could Joshua need to talk about so urgently that he’d call twice in one afternoon? Could he finally have had it with her lack of time for him? She took a deep breath and told herself if he was calling to say he was finished with her, she could remain calm—at least until she hung up the phone. Before she had a chance to imagine life without Joshua, Caroline dialed his number. A strangling wave of loneliness swept over her at the thought he might not be there by the time she finally got through the endless pile of work on her desk.

The phone rang three times as she paced the room. Finally, he answered, his voice strong and confident. “Joshua Walters.”

Caroline closed her eyes and savored the image of the man she loved. He kept his sandy brown hair pulled back in a shoulder-length ponytail, but a few wisps inevitably escaped. His body was toned and muscular from long hours of heavy labor, and his pale blue eyes always seemed to be laughing.

“Hi, Joshua,” Caroline said as she neatened the piles of paperwork on her desk. ”Look, I’m sorry I didn’t call you back the other day. I finally got out of the office around seven o’clock, and I just went home and crashed. I meant to call you back first thing this morning, but— ”

“—Hey, sweetheart,” his gentle, solid voice cut her off. “Slow down. Everything okay?”


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