Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bonbons & Truffles

Bonbons and Truffles
Sweetheart Rosette
by Teri Wilson
Melody Sweet is a lonely, single girl who has a way with chocolate. Her world turns upside-down on Valentine’s Day when she simultaneously acquires a precious English Cocker Spaniel puppy and a secret admirer. Will Melody and her puppy, Bonbon, solve the mystery of who is leaving flowers and dog biscuits on her doorstep? Or would she just be better off not knowing?
Teasing Excerpt:
Finally, The Day itself arrived, dawn bringing forth a secret smile to Melody’s lips. As she dipped strawberries in melted milk chocolate and wrapped last-minute gifts in colored cellophane, she floated around the chocolate shop in a dreamy haze. So distracted were her harried customers, they didn’t even notice the subtle change.
Charlotte, however, narrowed her eyes. “You seem unusually happy today, Melody. Do you have big Valentine plans for tonight?”
“Oh, nothing special.” Melody smiled, thinking about the very special appointment she’d made for this evening. But, she preferred to keep it to herself, like a treasured secret.
“Are you sure? You look like the cat who swallowed the canary.” Charlotte winked.
A warmhearted feeling came over Melody. After years of working in the chocolate shop alone, she enjoyed the camaraderie she shared with the teenager. “Well, if you must know…”
Before Melody could share her secret, she looked up and saw the enchanting bookseller sweeping the front steps of his shop. The broom moved back and forth in a gentle rhythm in the bookseller’s hands. She imagined for a moment he held her instead of the broom and the two of them waltzed up and down the sidewalk. She completely lost track of what she was saying. “I-I’m going to-to…”
Charlotte’s eyes flew open wide and she jumped up and down. “Melody! Do you have a date?”
Short Bio:
Romancing the pet-lover's soul Teri Wilson loves romance, dogs and wearing pink. Her stories are often filled with happy endings, splashes of humor and a loveable critter or two. After all, Cinderella never would have lived happily ever after without a little help from her animal friends! Teri is the recipient of the 2006 Westminster Kennel Club Angel on a Leash Writing Award and the 3rd place winner of the 21st Annual American Kennel Club Short Fiction Contest. She lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband, son and three delightful dogs.
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