Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Truth About Daydreams

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Donna Michaels'

~ The Truth about Daydreams

Story Blurb

I, Lexi Harper, college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Network Cyber Security, used to have a sound mind, until I returned to my hometown of Fodders Creek and attended the Malloy’s cookout. Eagerly looking forward to greet as an adult, Brad Malloy, the man of my daydreams…which still persist to this day—I hadn’t counted on his younger brother, Sammy, my childhood partner in crime, to have transformed into a super hero hunk capable of attracting my signal.

Did I waste all those years Brad-worshiping when I should’ve noticed my best friend? I realized the answer the moment I discovered the truth about daydreams.

Teasing Excerpt

The Truth about Daydreams

“Oh, Lexi…you’re my world, my love, my life,” Brad said, his lips on my neck nuzzling a path to my ear.

Goosebumps raced down my body in search of my toes. I’d waited a decade to hear Brad Malloy profess his love and hardly believed his acknowledgement was finally happening.

Firm lips heated a trail along my jaw, and my heart beat faster the nearer his lips moved toward my mouth. The kiss I’d longed for…hoped for…ached for. His mouth inched closer…closer…


No! I groaned as Brad and his full, tender lips faded away, replaced by my assistant’s wrinkled forehead.

“Lexi. You’re wanted on line one.”


If you're looking for a short, sweet read, The Truth About Daydreams, Donna's first story in first person POV, is a 10 page Sweetheart Rosette available today at The Wild Rose Press.

Donna Michaels is a mutli-published author of Romaginative Fiction who loves variety and humor in books. To learn more about her and her stories, plus some cool trailers and contests, please visit her WEBSITE today.Visit Donna at her website to learn more about her stories.



Donna Michaels said...

Thanks for spotlighting my first Sweetheart Romance, Aithne!

It looks wonderful!

Donna Michaels

Aithne said...

You're Welcome, Donna. The pleasure is all mine. I love doing this little corner of the internet specially focused on short stories. (I'm doing better at formatting. ;o)