Friday, February 15, 2008

Dare to Dance

Dare to Dance

Lainey Bancroft


The 3-D Club==deceived, discarded and divorced==coerce Alex into performing at a gentleman’s club in an effort to help her shake her inhibitions, and the damage her ex-husband inflicted on her during their half-dead marriage. How could Alex know a few bumps and grinds will land her in the arms of her first love?



“Coyote Ugly. That’s it!" Riana crowed. "You better figure out how to howl at the moon, girlfriend. We registered you at Coco’s Gentlemen’s Club for the ‘Dare to Dance’ night.”

“The strip club?" Alexandra felt her gorge rise. "Dare to bare is more like it.”

“Nah, it’s a burlesque routine. They don’t want to see actual nudity, just a tease," Suzette qualified. "Ditch those granny-panties and shake it, baby.”

“I can’t.” She pressed a hand to the mix-master stirring her gut.

“Please, don’t make me do this.”

A waiter finally arrived, delivering a pitcher of margaritas and three salt-rimmed glasses. She poured with a shaking hand and downed half her drink in one healthy gulp. “Please don’t make me do this,” she mumbled again, growing dizzy at the thought of parading around on a strip club stage.

Riana laughed. “Shake that junk in your trunk. You’ve got it. Flaunt it.”

Praise for Dare to Dance . . .

Dare To Dance is a darling short story by Lainey Bancroft. Alex is courageous, even if she won’t admit it, and a wonderful woman. Life has not always been easy for her and she is determined not to let it get her down. Matt has spent years longing for Alex but he didn’t feel he was good enough for the beautiful woman. Now that he has her in his arms he is determined to claim the woman who got away. I loved his determination to reclaim Alex. I loved this story and it stayed in my mind long after the last page. I would love to know where the characters are today and how their relationship developed. An enjoyable read, Dare To Dance has its place on my keeper shelf!

Reviewed by Tara Renee Two Lips Reviews 5/5



As a full time mother to a teenaged daughter and son, pet wrangler of two spoiled labs and one ornery cat, part time bookkeeper, chief cook, bottle washer, and oh yeah, writer, Lainey Bancroft leads an active, fun filled life.

Drop by her blog at where she gabs and giggles about everything from the path to publication, to gardening, groceries, and Gas, who she’s been married to for eighteen years.

Dare to Dance is the first story in Lainey’s 3-D Club trilogy, available now at The Wild Rose Press


Lainey's Contest
A free pdf of book 2, Waiting to Waltz for one randomly drawn comment on the Break Time Blog who tells me what the trio of friends is drinking. C'mon , it's a giveaway. All you have to do is read the excerpt and you could win!
(Lainey, caught your post on Denyse's Loop ;o)


Denysé said...

And a fine time was had by all, I have to admit, you've got me hooked and curious, this sounds like a great book!! Bring on the margaritas -- and yes, that counts as my contest answer, Lainey!!

Beautiful Blog Aithne - I love the soft pink.... Want me to add yours to my blog listing? Let me know.

Hugs to all...

lainey bancroft said...

Cheers Denyse!

Because I wasn't with it enough to send Aithne my contest details, I'll post 'em here.

Free pdf of book 2 Waiting to Waltz to one random comment that tells me what the trio of friends is drinking.

That's not too difficult, now, is it? =)

Thanks Aithne!

Sheryl said...

Lurrved that! Three spirited gals indeed. No, I didn't mean that's what the were drinking. Denyse beat me to it. Brilliant little expert!

Clover Autrey said...

Fun excerpt. Love gals with spunk who look after each other, esp. down in margaritaville.


lainey bancroft said...

Ha, Sheryl, it is to be a random drawing...BUT, you won a copy the other day on my blog!

I thought I sent you a message through the WR loop. guess you missed it.

e-mail me lainey AT and I'll send Ready to Reel! Which is book 2! See what happens when you get behind on this promo stuff.

Waiting to Waltz is book 3. Duh.

Bad Lainey!

Clover Autrey said...

My character bar blog awarded your blog with the "love your blog" award. Pick up your logo at